Send Free Messages

Text messages free thanks to instant messaging applications. Send text messages free with WeChat for PC. This is the main characteristic of WeChat for PC. Install WeChat for PC allows you to send text messages with the comfort that gives you a computer keyboard and a large screen to read and maintain conversations.

The text messages free with WeChat for PC

Send free text messages is one of the tasks most performed by users in every day. Thanks to the multitude of applications that is these past two years have appeared on the market, the vast majority of people who have a Smartphone spend almost an hour of half a day. The first application of large broadcasting world that allowed to send free text messages was WhatsApp.

Send messages free with WeChat for PC

Sending text messages is a phenomenon that has changed the lives of many people and their way of behaving and communicating with others.

WeChat is the last great application to send free text messages that has become popular in the United States and now beginning to be known in Spain and other European countries.

The text messages for free they have achieved something that seemed impossible a few years ago, and is that the operators hooked up hundreds of free SMS in their data tariffs.

Free text messages to send from our Smartphone today is something normal.

Free text messages and SMS of the operators

The text messages free via instant messaging applications have managed that users just use the famous SMS. Only the people who don't have a Smartphone continue to use SMS as a means to send text messages. They are increasingly more users that have internet flat rate on your mobile and can install an app from chat to send free text messages.