Viber for PC

Viber for PC app is now able to make and receive phone free calls from other Viber users. Viber for free PC in your computer. Viber Download for PC is very simple. Follow our tutorial of how to download Viber for Windows.

Viber for PC is the instant messaging application, which allows you to make calls and video calls to stay connected with your friends. If you want to change your messaging app Viber for PC is the best option.

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Download Viber for PC free now.

Download Viber for PC on your personal computer or laptop is very quick, simple and Angr utility. Now download the app and in few minutes you'll be enjoying Viber for PC on your computer. You can install Viber for Windows or Mac for free.

Viber for PC is the instant messaging application that competes directly with WhatsApp, Line Naver, Wechat and other instant messaging app. This application is becoming more popular, but is a little below the fantastic WeChat for PC. WeChat for PC to been downloaded by millions of users around the world and is a great rival.


Viber for pc very soon on our website. Download and share moments of your life with the apps of chat.

Download Viber for Windows

Viber for Windows has been developed by Viber Media Inc. , a company of Israelite origin with a long history in the world of communications and the internet. This company has a strong preference for your app and have released versions for Windows and other Smartphone operating systems.

Install Viber for Windows and in your Smartphone allows you to make voice calls completely free between the users of Viber. In addition Viber to PC or Viber for Windows enables us chat from our house, with the convenience of being able to use the computer keyboard and be able to continue our chats on large screen.

Download Viber for PC free on your computer

Download Viber on your computer is very simple by following these steps and in a few minutes you'll be connected with your friends.

Viber for PC offers some features that other instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp for PC cannot offer. WhatsApp does not have official version for PC.

To install the app on your PC if you have a Smartphone, you'll have to download Viber to PC using the application available in the official website of the developer. AND register the app with an email account.

Once you install the PC version, will be synchronized automatically all contacts and conversations that you have on your Smartphone. Viber AND for Windows will be ready to chat.

Download the application for other platforms is very easy. You can access your page from .