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WeChat for PC

"WeChat for PC free on your personal computer. How to download WeChat for PC on your laptop or personal computer in seconds from the official site. How to install WeChat for computer. Make free calls from United States."


WeChat for PC the arrival of China instant messaging application. Download WeChat for PC the new revolution in chat applications. The new app with a function similar to other instant messaging applications, bet strong by offering new features to mark differences with WhatsApp, Line, Viber and other chat apps. You can now download WeChat for PC free and keep in touch with friends and family.

Download WeChat for PC free and install without Smartphone.

WeChat for PC developed by Tencent Holdings

WeChat for PC is the best alternative for users who are not happy with messaging applications as WhatsApp, Viber Naver or Line. This application is expanding in the European market and wants to convince users of United States and South America, to download and try the application. For this purpose, they have launched advertising campaigns with celebrities such as the argentine football player world number one.

WeChat for PC is an application of Chinese origin and has already established itself in his native country. WeChat to been developed by Tencent Holdings, one of China's largest internet service companies.

Download WeChat for others platforms is very simple, just follow these steps from here.

Download WeChat for PC 


How to install WeChat for PC free on your computer

Download WeChat on your computer in just a few seconds. Now you can have free WeChat on your PC.

Install WeChat for PC is possible thanks to emulators for Android. Such emulators are top downloads on the internet. Probably the best known is Bluestacks, simple, complete and very practical. Free download the app now.

Bluestacks app player is the emulator that is preferred by many users for installation on computers equipped with Windows operating systems and with which the easiest is to install Android applications. Check out the application on your computer or on your laptop, do not wait any longer to download this app for PC free.

Install WeChat for PC with Bluestacks

Install WeChat is a good alternative for all those users who want to use instant messaging applications on your computer and be able to send text messages, videos and images to all your contacts. The alternative arrival from China to rival better known as WhatsApp chat applications for PC, Line for PC or Viber Android.

If your computer has installed some version of Windows, we can follow the tutorial to install Bluestacks from www.bluestacks.com, the best website where we explain in detail how to install Bluestacks and its operation.

Bluestacks is one of the best emulators for Android, and you can download free on our PC.

WeChat for PC is installed on your computer in just a few minutes with the help of Bluestacks best Android emulator.

Once installed Bluestacks from the same emulator can download app using the application Finder. With just a few clicks this app is ready for use. Application settings in Bluestacks is the same as if we dump the messaging application on a Smartphone with Android.

Enjoy the new functions that differentiate this app's rivals, now on your computer.

Download already the best messaging application to your computer, share great moments of your life through this app available for personal computer or laptop. Wechat for PC, enjoy your preferred mobile application on your personal computer.

Features WeChat for PC

The installation of WeChat to PC via an emulator of Android uses the version of WeChat for Android. For this reason the functions available in WeChat for computer are the same as if we have WeChat in Smartphone with Android system.

 live chat Group Chat QR Code Chat History Backup    features video calls    features emoticons and web wechat

  • LIVE CHAT: Live Chat allows us to make a chat with several people at the same time, a green light indicates to us that we can press the talk button and a red light prevents us talk there is another user who speaks in that time.

  • QR CODE FOR GROUP CHAT: With this feature you can invite other users to chat using QR codes

  • CHAT HISTORY BACKUP: This function is very interesting and allows you to create backup copies of the talks that you choose. Other apps messaging does not allow you to save copies of the talks.

  • MY MOMENTS: My Moments is the best way to share pictures with our friends or family. The social network of WeChat in a simple function. Share your publications and choose if the publications are public or private. Selected in My Moments with whom you want to share your images in the timeline.

  • Chat messages with VOICE: Chat with Voice is a very useful feature. Just hold down the record button we can record a voice message that will be sent when the button is released. If we decide not to send the voice message, we have to press the X button before releasing the record button.


Competition between services of instant messaging applications

There are many applications that aspire to dethrone WhatsApp, the queen of the messaging apps. WeChat for PC is not the only instant messaging application that you want to gain market share. The recent arrival of BBM for Android and the high level of security that offers in the talks, you can change the domain of WhatsApp.

BBM for Android seems to have entered the market for Android smartphone with great success. Millions of users have downloaded the application in their terminals, users have used Blackberry devices and users who want an application to keep secure conversations.

This year 2014 it looks very interesting with the launch of new messaging apps, and the presentation of the new generation of smartphone on the part of the major manufacturers.